The Commodity Futures Association of Japan ( CFAJ) disclosed the monthly OTC CFD trading overview for August, 2016. The data is based on reports from member companies of the association.

The total number of contract was 12,729,520 which consisted of 6,793,753 of energy, 4,798,737 of Precious metals and 1,137,030 of Agricultural products. The total trading value was 399,210 million JPY, remains roughly stays flat from the previous month, but significantly decreased by 47% from the same month last year. For each product, only energy trading volume showed an increase of 12% month-over-month, but the product still accounted for 68% of the total trading value. The other products,the precious metal and agricultural trading volume dropped by 19.5% and 11.9% respectively.

The total number of funded accounts was 5,570, decreased by 2.6% from the previous month. The total customer margin balance at the end of the month reached 4,807 million JPY, which was also down by 2.2%.

The open interests both sell and buy at the end of the month totaled 20,016 million JPY, increased by 14.9% from 17,414 million of the previous month.

(Source: The Commodity Futures Association of Japan )

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