Last month, we reported ZUU was nominated for “2016 Red Herring Asia”, and the result has just been announced. The ZUU, a Japanese operator of financial media platform and support owned media for finance and realestate companies, was awarded “2016 Red Herring Asia Top 100 Winners”. The conference selects the most innovative technology ventures in the world, so it is considered as a gateway to success for ventures.

At the conference, an executive of ZUU, Mr. Fukada was selected as a speaker among the top 100 winners and participated a session with a theme of “Fireside Chat –Managing Growth”.

In addition to ZUU online which is the company’s flagship financial economy portal with 3 million monthly users, ZUU provides another portal named “DAILY ANDS” which delivers investment information targeting working women in their 30s. The company also developed “ZUU SIGNALS”, an asset management tool which provides information that affects stock prices highly selected by AI. Following the launch of ZUU online for Asia in April 2016, by receiving the award, ZUU is expected to accelerate further business expansion in Asia.

(Source: ZUU )

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