Tokyo Financial Exchange (TFX) has just released the trading volume in May. The exchange offers a range of listed products including exchange forex margin contracts (a.k.a. Click 365), exchange equity index margin contracts (a.k.a. Kabu365), Three-month Eroyen futures, Options on three-month Eroyen futures, Over-Night Call Rate futures.

Combined trading volume for all Tokyo Financial Exchange’s products was 3,550,626, down 3.9% month over month, but still up 49.2% year over year and its average daily trading volume was 174,620.

The trading volume of Three-month Euroyen futures in May was 161,985, increased by 13.8% from previous month, decreased by 30.4% comparing with last year. Its average daily volume was 8,999 .

The trading volume of Exchange FX Margin contracts (Click 365) totaled 2,764,360, which was down by 0.9% from April and up by 47.1% when compared to the same month last year. The average daily trading volume was 135,659. The result showed GBP/JPY and NZD/JPY experienced notable growth from previous month, by 27.5% and 29.2% respectively. While EUR/USD decreased by 31.5% from April, the pair had an impressive growth of 419.7% from the same month last year.

Regarding Exchange Equity Index Margin contracts (Click kabu 365) in May, total volume dropped by 18.2% month over month to 624,281 and significantly grew by 132.8% year over year. The average daily trading volume was 29,962.

(Source: Tokyo Financial Exchange)