Japanese securities firm, efx.com Securities announced important changes for their service. efx.com securities (former Saza Investment) was established in October, 2002 as first IB in Japan of GFT(acquired by Gain Capital in 2013). Since its inception, efx.com has offered DealBook which was GFT’s flagship trading platform. However, according to the latest announcement, efx.com securities decided to terminate offering the DealBook for Forex, commodity CFD and index CFD on September 26, 2015.

The firm stops accepting new accounts of DealBook on September 1st, and its clients will not be able to place new positions from September 12. The last day of trading is scheduled for September 26. All remaining open positions will be closed by the firm. Traders will not login the DealBook account on October 31, meaning whole services around DealBook will be completely terminated.

Currently, efx.com provides Currenex platform for Forex trading along with DealBook. While encouraging its clients to open new account of the Currenex platform, the company is also preparing to introduce an alternative platform of DealBBook.

(Source: efx.com securities)